Bar EPoS System Manchester

If you’re looking for a bar EPoS system Manchester then look no further than North West Business Machines. Supplying state of the art EPoS systems we supply high-quality bar EPoS systems Manchester that help your staff meet the demands of your customers more easily.

With a booming nightlife we understand the needs to supply efficient, time-saving bar EPoS systems Manchester, whether it’s a simple drink or a customer is getting a round in for their group of friends bar EPoS systems Manchester are flexible and packed with convenient bar features which will increase efficiency and reduce staff costs.

Speed up Your Service

Increase speed Designed with an impressive Graphical Touch screen Interface our bar EPoS systems speed up your service by making it easier for staff to accurately input any information. Simple to use quick and accurate service, our bar EPoS systems require little training for new users and therefore can help save you valuable man-hours and money which could be effectively used elsewhere.

Equipped with other time-saving features such as Integrated Chip and Pin and Order Point Printer Integration allows your staff to work efficiently, keeping all your customers happy and more importantly spending money!

Brilliant Promotions

People of all ages love a bargain and the more offers you have the more customers you’re likely to bring into your bar. Which is why our bar EPoS systems Manchester allows you to easily set up and manage fantastic promotion offers. From buy one get one free offers to happy hour, our bar EPoS systems allow you to really entice your customers and keep them coming back time and time again. Easy to use and manage, promotions can be set to start and end at specific times of the day allowing you to get on with other vital jobs around the bar.

The Ultimate Service

Providing the ultimate service for bars in Manchester all our EPoS systems offer unparalleled control of your business. Programmed specifically to meet the demands of your bar an EPoS system can effectively track sales, staffing costs and other major business data that you’ll find useful.

Stylish EPoS Systems

We understand that style is vital in today’s day and age which is why all our bar EPoS systems Manchester are available in a variety of colours and designs to fit the theme and look of your bar.

We also supply bar EPoS in Leeds and other cities across the country.

For more information on purchasing a bar EPoS system Manchester or any of our other products and services then feel free to contact us today. Give us a call on 01254 881177 to discuss your requirements!

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