The benefits of handheld ordering

headerThe future of many hospitality businesses involves the use of technology and staying on top of the latest trends. The customer experience is the most important part to your restaurant’s success so what benefits do you get from introducing handheld ordering?

handheld-1Speedier and better customer service

Speed up your service and prevent errors by directly taking orders at the table using the handheld ordering tablet.

Easily access your table plan and promotions to improve your customer’s experience. Ensure your employees spend more time with customers and less time walking back and forth.

Generate upto 25% more sales

25-precent-more-salesHandheld ordering helps to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency in the hospitality industry.

It can help to generate up to 25% more sales. Handheld ordering is now faster, more reliable and easier than ever before. When customers place their orders, servers or counter staff can transmit orders directly to the kitchen, plus any changes, directly from the handheld. By implementing tableside ordering, you can increase table turnover, which helps you serve more guests and shorten wait times to keep potential guests from walking away. Orders are more easily and quickly communicated from the guest to the kitchen or bar – all in a single-step process right at the table.

handheld-2No more handwritten orders!

Placing orders using handhelds negates the need for
handwritten orders.

There are no longer misunderstandings between restaurant staff and the chef about unclear or illegible orders. Plus, detailed menu descriptions also help servers provide accurate, complete information to guests. Nothing gets forgotten or entered onto the wrong bill. Hand held ordering will stop things being left off a customer’s bill-it’s on there before they get it no more losing stock due to a staff member forgetting to ring something through the till.

Detailed menu information’on the go’

handheld-3Processing orders for customers with food allergies or special dietary needs can be challenging and time consuming.

Handheld systems allow for detailed menu information so servers can quickly and accurately relate ingredient details or other important information to customers. It is also easier for servers to recommend additional items, as the restaurant’s entire menu is available at their fingertips. As an additional benefit, fewer mistakes are made because orders are taken and verified with the guest directly at the table.

Upselling becomes second nature

handheld-4A handheld device will reduce costs, as more tables can be assigned to servers without compromising service.

The menu information is available for the server at table side so less staff training is required as the servers do not have to memorise all the options, they have it instantly. Hand held devices pay for themselves very quickly upselling becomes second nature as it’s all there in front of the server, and stock is no longer given away for free due to someone forgetting to add it to the bill.

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