How NWBM Helped The Cavendish Arms Thrive Post-Lockdown

How NWBM Helped The Cavendish Arms Thrive Post-Lockdown

As soon as Covid-19 hit, people weren’t only worried about their health, they were concerned about their livelihoods, too.

Unfortunately, this worry isn’t unwarranted as the UK is now officially in recession for the first time in eleven years.

During that time, businesses across the UK have been thinking of ways they can support each other, so they can stay afloat and continue to do business together.

We are no different and have been working hard behind the scenes to help UK businesses and organisations adapt their sales methods to suit social distancing.

One of our customers is The Cavendish Arms, a historic 450-year-old hotel in Cartmel which is part of the breathtaking Lake District.


Survive or Thrive?

Survive or Thrive?

Owner of the Cavendish Arms Richard English was concerned; he was unsure the hotel would make it through and had to make a huge decision.

There were two options; sit around and wait to make a move, like a chess player weighing up his options. Or invest every penny and ensure the hotel was in the best place to make a return, like a poker player throwing caution to the wind on a weak hand.

He chose the latter, and he’s happy he did. He commented: 

We re-opened on the 4th July 2020 to what I can only describe as an amazing customer response.”


How We Helped The Cavendish Arms Get Back to Business

With social distancing in mind, we knew we were able to provide The Cavendish Arms with solutions that wouldn’t cause much confusion or chaos.

Staying Safety-Conscious With Handheld EPoS Systems

Staying Safety-Conscious With Handheld EPoS Systems

Staff at The Cavendish Arms restaurant can now take orders using handheld EPoS systems that send orders directly to the kitchen, limiting the number of interactions the waiting staff need to make an order. 

Handheld ordering will ensure that social distancing is maintained among staff while helping to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Our handheld EPoS systems are fast, reliable and easy-to-use.


Ordering Made Easy With a Self-Serving App

If you’ve been to a pub or restaurant since lockdown restrictions were eased, you might have used an order-and-pay app.

We set up an order and pay app that integrates with the EPoS system mentioned above, so there are no double orders or mistakes. However, it can also operate as a standalone system.

The Cavendish Arms also benefits from receiving customer information for further marketing activities, and they can contact their customers if the virus compromises their safety.


Booking a Table is Simple

Booking a Table is Simple

We provided The Cavendish Arms with software that allows their customers to book tables in advance. The software prevents contact with the front reception desk or people waiting in the lobby for a table to become free. The booking system gives people clarity in a time of uncertainty, which is a great feeling to give your customers.


Contactless Payments for Quick Payments

Contactless Payments for Quick Payments

Customers are being encouraged to use contactless payments where possible to minimise the time spent in any given location. We provided The Cavendish Arms with this function, so customers can feel safe knowing they don’t have to wait for payments to run through. It also minimises the spread of germs as customers don’t have to handle the EPoS system.

Here’s what Richard had to say about the technology that’s helped his business thrive and the service he’s received since the pandemic began:

Had we not have placed our faith in NWBM I would not have been able to cope with the level of returning business we have seen. I cannot praise the team enough; they stood by me every step of the way without fault.”


Are You Set Up for Success?

In tough times it’s easy to get stuck, you don’t know whether to wait it out or plan for the future. We would always advise you to plan and design a solution that is going to help your business. 

We don’t only operate in the hospitality sector; we cover sports clubs, farm shops, garden centres; anywhere that needs to be able to take physical payments from a customer.

Call our team on 01254 881188 and see how we can help you get ready for business.