EPoS Software Bolton

North West Business Machines is a leading provider of EPoS Systems and EPoS Software in Bolton and surrounding areas including Edgeworth, Egerton, Bromley Cross and Farnworth. Our solutions include Loyalty Software, Back Office Software, Head Office Software and Ecommerce Integration, for the retail, hospitality, catering and leisure sectors, from small, single-site companies to large, multi-site operations.
Throughout our 45+ years of trading, we have built up a depth of experience that allows us to tailor our solutions to a customers business needs and requirements.

Reliable & Powerful Solutions

Highly flexible, easy to use and learn, yet powerful EPoS software solutions that include the latest features. EPoS software that is high in performance and extremely reliable, our solutions will meet and exceed the various needs of retail, hospitality and leisure industries.

Simple to Advanced Reporting

We provide you with the all the tools you need to make your business more efficient and successful. From quick summaries to detailed reports, we provide EPoS software in Bolton and around the North West area that allows you to easily monitor your business operations and address any issues quickly and efficiently. View your financial summary, total sales, group sales, hours worked by each clerk and much more at the touch of a button.

Comprehensive Customer Management

In addition to advanced reporting, our EPoS Software is capable of storing vital business information about your customers buying trends and spending habits including detailed purchase histories, invoices and credit limits’ allowing you to target them with specific promotions and marketing strategies and up-sell where possible.

Built in Security Features

We understand how important security is to your business. Powerful security features are built into our EPoS Software. We allow you to make theft a thing of the past with features such as Staff Log on by Fingerprint, Extensive Void and Refund Tracking Facilities, Real-time Transaction Monitoring, Pre-defined Cash Lift and much more.

Fully Trained Team

Boasting in-house support, highly skilled, experienced engineers and a warm and friendly team who are on hand to provide technical support to ensure you get the most out of your EPoS software in Bolton, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, we cover the whole of the North West. We have a range of support packages to suit your individual needs.

Contact a member of our team on 01254 881177 to find out more about our EPoS software in Bolton & around the North West.