EPoS Supplier Leeds

Hotels, shops, councils and colleges trust NWBM to meet their EPoS needs. If you’re looking for an EPoS supplier Leeds or the North West region, look no further than North West Business Machines.

Here at NWBM we understand how important it is to be able to process orders and payments efficiently and reliably, and we offer tailored solutions to the retail, hospitality and leisure industries:


Our retail EPoS solutions are easy to use and highly customizable to a range of different needs – from supermarkets to specialist shops. Available features include fast bar-code scanning, full stock control, special promotions and support for customer loyalty schemes.


We have the ideal EPoS solutions for cafés, takeaways, hotels and nightclubs. Our systems are focused on the unique requirements of the hospitality industry, including hand-held order taking, automatic transmission of orders to the kitchen, and support for multiple billing options including counter payments, split bills and tabs.


Membership clubs, social clubs and sports clubs all have their particular EPoS needs, and our modular systems enable you to choose only the features that match your specific requirements.


When you’re looking for an EPoS supplier in Leeds, another great reason to choose NWBM is our choice of flexible maintenance and support options. We understand that for many businesses your EPoS system is an integral and critical part of your operations – so it’s vital to minimise any disruption.

Expert advice

If you need an EPoS supplier in Leeds but you’re still not sure of your exact needs, just give us a call – we’d love to discuss the options with you. We have more than forty years experience in our field, and our expert advice team is waiting to hear from you.

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