Existing Customer Support

Welcome to NWBM Existing Customer Support Page. This page is designed to provide you with the tool to grant our expert support engineers remote access to your system.

Please note that you will need to provide one of our support engineers your generated ID and Password (provided by the support file). To contact our support team call 01254 881177

Step 1North West Business Machines support file

To get started simple download the Support File located to the right.

Step 2

Your internet browser may ask you if you want to Run or SAVE the support file application, we advise that you SAVE the file. Once saved, locate the file on your machine then double click to being the program.

Choose to Run or Save the Application

Step 3

User Account Control Panel

The NWBM support file allows our engineers to remotely access your till, head office or back office system. To make this possible you need to temporarily grant us access. Teamviewer may ask to make some temporary changes to your system (see diagram). If it does so you are safe to say Yes.

Step 4

North West Business Machines Support

Once you have the NWBM support file running you will be given a randomly generated USER ID and Password. The password is unique to each time you open the application, provide your USER ID and Password to a NWBM support engineer to grant remote access to your system.

Please Note

NWBM support file is only Compatible with the Microsoft Windows Operating System, contact NWBM on 01254 881177 for further system requirement information.