Reliable EPoS systems for your Café or Coffee Shop

Reliable EPoS systems for your café or coffee shop

Busy coffee shops and cafés need an efficient electronic EPoS system at their points of sale. If you run your own, you will know how vital giving the best service to customers is. This not only matters when they are ordering their food but also when the time comes to pay for the bill. Having an effective digital point of sale system will ensure they can pay their bill quickly while also helping your staff work more productively.

 You must get the right EPoS set-up solution that is appropriate for the sector you work in. This will ensure that it has all of the correct features and functionality to meet the needs of your business. At North West Business Machines, we have more than 45 years of experience in advising upon and configuring hospitality point of sale systems – we understand your business and will advise on the ideal solution for you.

Features of our hospitality EPoS Systems

Features of our hospitality EPoS Systems

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface for staff – new staff up and running in under 10 mins
  • Integrated Chip and PIN – including contactless, apple pay, android pay
  • Complete audit functionality – control cash, stock & employees with ease
  • Get real-time, on-screen prompts for upselling, menu advice & allergy advice
  • Promotions, price levels and loyalty program features
  • Split Bill / tabs / tables / accounts
  • Back screen advertising – keep customers aware of current promotions and future events
  • Cloud back office – full control of the business from any device where you have an internet connection

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Allow your staff to deliver superior customer service

Allow your staff to deliver superior customer service

When you run a hospitality business, looking after your customers is the key to success. This is true whether you run a lively café or bustling coffee shop. To deliver this outstanding service to customers, an electronic EPoS system is essential. It helps staff to take accurate orders for coffee or food in the quickest possible way. This not only means they get more done, but that customers have a much better experience with you. When it comes to paying the bill, it will reduce queues and leave a much better impression with customers. Our specialist hospitality EPoS systems can be configured by our skilled engineers – making sure you get maximum benefit of all of the system’s features and leaving you free to concentrate on your business. We will also come to your business to install, commission, test and train all of your staff.

Remove the risk when you buy your EPoS System.

Remove the risk when you buy your EPoS System.

You can buy a great EPoS system from NWBM with complete confidence. Unlike our online competitors, where you pay in full upfront, with NWBM you only pay the final balance for the entire system once you have seen it installed and working to your satisfaction. This policy has been in place since 1971 and gives new customers complete assurance that their new EPoS system is the perfect addition to their coffee shop or café. 

We can offer this service for both cafés and coffee shops, so give us a call today for more details.

 Hospitality EPoS systems are food for thought

 Here at NWBM, we are sure that any coffee shop or café will benefit from using our outstanding hospitality EPoS system. They allow you to offer higher levels of customer service while also boosting staff productivity and growing profits.

 Call today on 01254 881177 for more details on how we can help. Our team of experts will be able to find out more about what your business needs from an EPoS system, and will then be able to design one to match – all at a remarkable low price that will make you smile. With NWBM, you are allowed to have your cake and eat it!


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