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Transform Your Business With an EPoS Installation

When was the last time you used cash to pay for something? Last week? Last month?
With everywhere from car parks in Leeds to convenience stores in Sheffield now using EPoS (electronic points of sale) to process their transactions, using real pounds and pence is becoming a rarity. If your business is still working on a cash only basis, it’s time to consider how a cashless system could bring significant benefits. Find out below why so many companies from all sectors are going down the cashless route in order to maximise their efficiency and productivity.

Numerous Advantages For Businesses

It’s not just customers that benefit from the convenience and accessibility which an EPoS can bring. Businesses can also see performance improving through more straight forward stock control, easier ordering processes, consistent pricing and greater ease in obtaining the data reports needed to inform decision making.

Monitor who's doing what and when

Be Aware Of Who’s Doing What And When

Sadly the fact is that cash transactions, unfortunately, give more scope for dishonest dealings, with forged currency, stolen monies or misappropriated takings common occurrences. Using an EPoS system not only allows cashless payments, reducing the risk of any illegal activity, it also allows management to have a record of which member of staff undertook a particular transaction. This can be helpful in recognising those employees who deserve recognition for their speed and accuracy as well as those who might benefit from some additional support. EPoS tills in Leeds, Sheffield and beyond are skilfully installed by NWBM and have the power to substantially reduce fraudulent and inaccurate payment exchanges.

Save Time And Improve Communications

Straightforward to use, fast and convenient, an EPoS can be customised to become far more than simply a payment method. Here at NWBM, we can tailor your EPoS to incorporate hand-held models (ideal for delivery services or on-site payments), or cashless catering options (just the thing for the corporate canteen). Why not consider a sophisticated, integrated system that provides seamless communications between virtual and real-life payment points, stock inventories, head office and customers?

Customer loyalty - north-west business machinesBranch Out Into Loyalty Software

Most people are familiar with the loyalty cards offered by major retailers, which reward shopper loyalty with discounted merchandise, exclusive promotions and various other benefits. Imagine what a carefully implemented customer loyalty scheme might do for your bottom line! Many companies in the North West, from gyms to guesthouses, are discovering that an EPoS from NWBM provides the perfect vehicle for a successful loyalty scheme. EPoS tills can be easily adapted to incorporate loyalty card information, add on points, and generate customer-specific rewards if needed.

The rise in e-commerce and the widespread ownership and use of mobile phones has prompted a revolution in payment methods, resulting in EPoS being the preferred option for buyers and sellers alike. Transforming the way in which many businesses operate, EPoS contributes to improved efficiency and streamlining as well as providing an appealing customer experience. Switching to EPoS is the smart option for any business that wants an assured future.

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