Integrated Chip and Pin

Integrated Chip & Pin

Quicker authorisation, no need for a separate phone line and zero under-ringing, our Integrated Chip and Pin solutions at North West Business Machines will increase the efficiency and profitability of your business.


North West Business Machines - Integrated Chip and PinIncrease Efficiency and Improve Customer Experience

Our Integrated Chip and Pin solutions reduce the time your customers spend waiting in queues – greatly increasing efficiency at the point of service and maximising sales opportunities. Not only this, your customer’s experience in the store will be improved by reducing the waiting time for bills and receipts.

Scalable Solutions that Grow With Your Company

We will work with you and your business to recommend and implement flexible and scalable solutions that will grow with your company, allowing you to react to changing conditions in your market.


North West Business Machines - Contactless Payment Speed and Convenience with Contactless Payments

With ever more sophisticated customers demanding speed and simplicity when paying for goods and services, contactless payment solutions offer the perfect way to not only improve the customer experience but also help your business generate more business. Ideal for sectors where the average spends is less than £10 – Contactless Payments are convenient and quicker for the customer which leads to increased satisfaction, and satisfied customers are more likely to return to your business.


Reduce Costly Mistakes

Any transactions will be automatically sent from your till to the Chip & Pin machine, which completely eradicates the potential for human error when keying in the transaction total manually. In addition to this, with an Integrated Chip & Pin Solution from North West Business Machines the customers’ receipt will be generated from the POS printer. Reducing the need for two types of till roll and ensuring all sales information is safe and secure.

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