Reliable Products from North West Business Machines

North West Business Machines have over 40 years experience in deploying cost effective and efficient products to suit the business needs of many companies.

Cashless catering EPoS systemCashless Catering

Our Cashless Catering Systems allow schools and colleges to serve students more efficiently and reduce queues associated with standard cash tills. Not only this, cashless catering preserves the anonymity of those students receiving free school meals, thus avoiding any stigma. In addition to this, advanced reporting means you can access important information including POS Transactions, Customer Card Status Reports, Free Entitlement Daily Planner and more.

Touch screen cash registersTouch Screen Cash Registers

Designed specifically for Point of Sale, our Touch Screen Cash Registers from Uniwell and Geller combine solid state memory, passively cooled electronics and embedded software. They deliver

Cashless Catering

time and again and provide an extremely reliable solution capable of withstanding challenging conditions.

Retail scales - North West Business MachinesRetail Scales

We offer a variety of Retail Scales to complement your existing Epos System. From Basic Scales which are intuitive and easy to set up to fully integrated scales which are easily integrated with the EPoS giving you accurate stock management in areas that are traditionally difficult to control.

CCTV Systems - North West Business MachinesCCTV Systems

CCTV Systems are available which are ideal for monitoring stock, employees and customers. Our CCTV Systems are easy to use and include remote access to view and play back from anywhere with internet access. Many of our CCTV systems can be integrated with the Epos System to cross reference live video footage with EPoS sales Data.

Mobile/Handheld Epos systemMobile/Hand-held Epos

We have over 10 years experience in this field and offer reliable Mobile Epos from suppliers including Orderman, Wavesoft, Labware & Fidelity. Hand Held or Mobile Epos maximises profitability and encourages more productive order taking meaning that mistakes are reduced, and all ordered items are listed clearly on the bill. Mobile Epos increases table turnover time and increase efficiency. There are options available to suit most budgets.

Electronic cash registersElectronic Cash Registers

All retailers require a method of controlling and recording their sales. An Electronic Cash Register is the ideal piece of equipment to do this. There is a full range of functionality available depending on the size of your business and your requirements. They are easily configurable ensuring simple operation whilst maximising retailer piece of mind with cash security.

Unique Clients…

All our clients are unique and each has different business needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our products to suit each customer’s business needs and requirements. To find out more contact us on 01254 881177