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How EPoS Systems Can Quench The Thirst For Success With Liverpool’s Pubs

If you run a pub in Liverpool, you may be more concerned with improving customer service and providing refreshments than integrating an Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system.

But an EPoS system could not only help you improve your customers experience and get you pulling more pints – it could also boost profits and reduce unnecessary waste.

Here at North West Business Machines, we have more than 45 years of experience in delivering EPoS systems to Liverpool’s pub network. Here’s our whistle-stop tour on why this technology is a must for any pub.

Epos with Receipt - North West Business MachinesWhat is EPoS?

In general terms, an EPoS system is comprised of a till, software system and computer hardware, along with peripheral pieces of equipment such as credit card readers and printers. This is then integrated with your back office to create one complete system – meaning all the information you need to make important decisions is one place, which saves you time and man power.

North West Business Machines specialise in creating bespoke, modular systems so you only need to buy the bits that you need, saving you money on unnecessary modules that you won’t use.

Speed up transactions and reduce queuing timesSpeed Means More Sales

One of the big advantages an EPoS system can bring to your pub is a speedier service for your customers.

Our EPoS system uses an impressive Graphical Touch Screen Interface, which allows staff to easily input information, orders to automatically be delivered to the kitchen and staff to set special offers at the touch of a button, all improving your turnaround time at the tills.

There are also a range of other clever features such as the ability to split a bill by item or quantity, take orders from tables with a wireless hand-held terminal and up-selling options to help boost revenues and improve efficiencies.

Reduce wastage - North West Business MachinesReduce wastage

In the busy pub environment, it is easy to make mistakes with orders, stock and finances. This, in turn, can lead to unnecessary wastage and lost profit.

North West Business Machines’ EPoS system balances a speedy service with the inventory and cash accountability your pub needs. Features such as a stock countdown, multiple price levels for every product and accurate product selection cuts down on potentially costly mistakes.

Will it be difficult to use?

We understand that integrating a new piece of technology into your pub might be a daunting idea. That’s why we offer extensive training facilities on site.

This allows you to try all our equipment before an installation. So, by becoming familiar with the equipment, our installation will be as stress free as possible. In addition, once equipment is installed we can also provide further training sessions and support if you require them. Our training sessions are led by highly knowledgeable members of our team with relevant pub industry experience – ensuring your training is as effective as possible.

So if you think your pub in Liverpool could benefit from a state of the art EPoS system then get in touch with us as soon as possible. We’ll offer you expert advice and guidance on what products would best suit your business. Call us today on 01254 881177 for expert advice and guidance.

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