Restaurant EPoS System Leeds

The restaurant scene in Leeds flourished in 2014, from launching the city’s first exclusively gluten-free restaurant to seeing an influx of home-grown talent emerge. Most restaurant owners would agree that a cash register is a minimum requirement in organising and monitoring the cash flow, but when business is booming, many look to invest in something that can simplify business procedures. A restaurant EPoS system in Leeds could be an ideal suitor.

It pays for itself in between 1-3 years, by improving the productivity of staff whilst saving time spent on tasks such as stock management. Here are a few of the major benefits:

Customer Loyalty - North West Business MachinesMarketing Makes Money

In the current economic climate, restaurants in Leeds struggle to afford marketing and CRM. With the EPoS system, you can collect vital data such as email addresses and birthdays, whilst offering incentives such as loyalty cards and redeemable voucher codes. This way, you can email people on their birthday with 20% off vouchers, plus much more.

Price Changes

Once an effective marketing strategy has been put into place, it’s important to minimise complaints from people that have been charged too much for meals. The EPoS system allows you to make all of these pricing changes automatically, along with updating any promotions you’re pushing.

Productivity With Employees

Improve productivity in a busy restaurant

Monitoring staff is essential in understanding who is (or isn’t) pulling their weight. This can often be difficult with traditional cash tills. With an EPoS system, each employee is responsible for their own customers, which provides you with important data like ‘best salesperson’ or ‘best up seller’. Why is this important though? It’s a great way to boost morale, inspiring a more competitive atmosphere. You’ll be able to recognise weaknesses from staff who regularly void a transaction or people you suspect of fraudulent activity. Also, you’ll see an instant improvement in speed, ensuring you get maximum table turnover in the restaurant.

Stock Management

With the EPoS system, you get an accurate understanding of what stock you have left, making it easier to interpret what dishes are selling well. Having this data makes it easier to give precise insights to supply chains and stock systems.

Our support

It takes commitment and training to reap all of the benefits, and at North West Business Machines, support is at hand to ensure the EPoS system is installed quickly and efficiently. There are two support packages and a pay as you go scheme. If you want peace of mind but aren’t sure whether you need an engineer on site, the 7-day remote assistance plan allows direct access to a support line from 9am to 11pm. As this is an online system, the engineer can dial in to try and solve the issue, allowing minimum disruption. 9 out of 10 issues are solved this way.

For a more comprehensive scheme, the 7-day engineer on site plan allows on-site access to engineers for more in-depth support. The pay as you go support plan is great if you don’t want to sign up to a contract.

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