Sports Clubs

Intuitive Epos Systems for Sports Clubs.

Here at North West Business Machines, we understand that sports clubs have many different aspects to manage at one time including membership management, membership subscriptions, renewals, profitability and much more.

Example of a Sports Clubs SystemEpos Systems Designed for Sports Clubs

Our EPOS systems can help you to manage rooms which have multiple uses, and deal with some of the difficult issues facing you; for example, coping with different pricing structures relating to different levels of membership and can ensure all subscriptions are paid promptly. Our experienced team of engineers are specialists in deploying efficient and robust epos systems for Sports Clubs which help provide a clear financial trail as well as tracking your sports club’s profitability.

A Solution Tailor Made to Your Needs

With over 40 years of experience in the Leisure Industry, we are experts in deploying epos systems that have a proven return on investment. We can offer you a solution that is tailor-made to your needs or incorporate an off the shelf product that is reliable, inexpensive and practical to support.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Bookings Module – Allows areas to be booked for different purposes increasing flexibility
  • Flexible Pricing Rules – Change prices for members, the general public and special club rates automatically using flexible rules
  • Excellent Security Functions – Track cashier actions and eliminate theft
  • Allow Cashless Transactions – Reducing staff theft and costly cash errors
  • Clerk Interrupt – Allows more staff to use one terminal at the same time without errors
  • Till Operator Prompts – Ideal for advertising events or upselling
  • Customer Loyalty – Offer member incentives and grow clubs sales and profitability
  • Full Stock Control – Collect sales data from multiple tills and manage stocks right down to the last pint
  • Automatic Re-ordering – Epos system can suggest reordering levels, making the stewards’ job much easier
  • Stock Countdown – Keep very close control over high-value items
  • Integrated Chip and Pin – Reduces the time your customers spend in queues
  • Full Admin Area – Keep members up to date when their subscription is due for renewal
  • Fingerprint Recognition – Increases security for your business
  • Full Audit Trail – Instantly recall a previous transaction for customer queries

Pre and Post Installation Training

We have extensive training facilities on site enabling you to demo all our equipment pre-installation, allowing you to become familiar with the equipment which guarantees a stress-free installation. In addition, once the equipment is installed we can also provide further training sessions if required. Training sessions will be led by highly knowledgeable members of our team who have relevant industry experience – ensuring your training is as effective as possible.

Unique Clients…

Here at North West Business Machines, we have years of experience in helping sports clubs to get the right equipment, configured, delivered and set-up, all to set budgets. To talk to a trained staff member contact us on 01254 881177