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Ever thought about leasing your EPoS System?

What if we told you could have the EPoS system you want from North West Business Machines, without having to find a hefty deposit – using your hard earned cash – or get into an expensive bank loan?

We can offer bespoke finance packages for bite-size finance repayments that won’t be hard to swallow.

Leasing frees up your finances to spend money on other things and retain some all-important backup capital in your business. It also gives you the opportunity to buy the right equipment for your business the first time around.


Benefits of leasing an EPoS System

100% TAX EFFICIENT – Every payment you make on a leasing agreement is up to 100% tax allowable and can help to reduce your business’s Corporation Tax bill, as long as you are in profit. You can also reclaim the VAT on your monthly repayments.

GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME – Leasing can allow you to invest in the better quality kit, instead of compromising on your requirements, due to cash flow. This, in turn, improves efficiency and profitability.

IMPROVE CASH FLOW – Leasing allows you to buy equipment that is important to your business and keep valuable cash in your bank that may be used for other projects that are not as tax efficient.


How does it work?

Choose whether to make your repayments over 2-5 years. Have a look at our example and see if leasing is the right option for you:

Outright purchase of EPoS System: £5,000.00
Lease: £26.76 + VAT per week (paid by monthly direct debits of 115.98)
60 payments (5 years) £6,958.56
Maximum tax relief 40% (£2,783.42)
Cost after tax relief £4,175.14

As you can see by the example above the lease can have considerable advantages as long as you are in profit. Also subject to current business status and equipment type.

We’re with you every step of the way!

Fore more information on leasing your EPoS System, or to find out how it could work for you get in touch with us today!

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