Epos Solutions for Supermarkets

If you own a supermarket or convenience store you’ll know how important it is that you’re able to handle a large number of customers quickly and efficiently. Our powerful retail epos systems for Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and Corner Shops allow you to facilitate your customers and manage your inventory with ease.

Supermarket tillDeliver Day after Day

The competition in this sector is fierce, so it’s vital that supermarket owners have a fast, reliable and accurate Epos system. Our feature full system will deliver day after day, whether your needs are basic or more demanding. Our retail experience combined with our superb solution will give you every confidence that this Epos is right for you.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fast & Accurate Scanning – Serve more customers in the same space of time
  • Integrated Chip and Pin – For high-speed card transactions with zero underinging
  • Integrated Weigh Scale – No need to enter the price on the till allowing for faster service
  • Mix & Match Promotions – Allowing for greater customer service
  • Customer Age Check by product – Ensure you’re trading standards compliant
  • Barcoded Product and Shelf Edge Labelling – Saves time pricing individual products
  • Graphical Touchscreen Interface – Easy to update and improves the speed of service
  • Stock countdown for fresh, limited sales items – Allows you to only manage the stock you need and deters theft by staff members
  • Full Stock Control – Ensures you always have the right volume of stock on the shelves/in the warehouse
  • Multiple layaways – Manage customer deliveries & store transactions
  • Full audit trail – Instantly recall a previous transaction for customer queries, improves customer service and speed of service
  • Full Customer Loyalty – Allow customers to earn points thus increasing repeat business
  • Complete Reporting Suite – Stay in control of your sales and stock at a glance
  • Wireless handheld device – For instant stocktaking

Pre and Post Installation Training

We have extensive training facilities on site enabling you to demo all our equipment pre-installation, allowing you to become familiar with the equipment which guarantees a stress-free installation. In addition, once the equipment is installed we can also provide further training sessions if required. Training sessions will be led by highly knowledgeable members of our team who have relevant industry experience – ensuring your training is as effective as possible.

A Modular System

Ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores and corner shops this system is completely modular, meaning we can tailor your solution to suit your exact needs. To find out more contact us using the form below.