11 Jan 2023

Benefits of Back Office

Back Office SoftwareEver wanted the ability to manage all aspects of your business from one place? Then you should take a look at Back Office Software.

Server & Cloud Based SystemsThe two types of back-office software

There are two types of back office systems available to choose from.  The first is server based and is installed locally on a PC or server at your premises. The second is a cloud-based system in which all information is stored remotely on a server “in the cloud”.  Both options have their differences and we can help you to determine which option is the right one for you.

What are the benefits of back-office software?

Back Office is the ultimate tool for controlling your business. Used correctly Back Office will show you how to maximise your turnover, increase your margins, reduce your stock holding, rota the right levels of staff, stop pilfering, reduce wastage and much more.

FeaturesYou can manage your entire EPoS system, keep on top of your finances and take control of your stock. Our software includes security features as standard helping to keep all your business information safe and secure. With the right software, your entire operation runs more smoothly and efficiently, and makes your company more competitive.

Add an extra employee to your team…

Add an extra employee to your team...It’s ideal for single or multiple sites and produces multiple reports in real time at day or night.

Back Office software can be likened to having an extra employee on your team — one of those super-star employees who does all the right things and make your job so much easier. Further increase your company’s productivity and sales by using a back office system to stream-line the tasks that you would normally do at the terminal

There will always be management tasks to complete, but don’t tie up your EPoS system when it can be used for sales. A back office system will eliminate the constant running of reports and system changes at the till. Everything you need will be managed in your secure, back office space. Use it for reporting, database management, employee scheduling, price changes and stock management. A back office system ensures that you have the privacy necessary for running reports that contain sensitive and confidential information.

Make your life easier with a back-office system

Make your life easier with a back-office systemA back office system will make your life as a manager or business owner more organized, more productive, and a lot easier.  You will have confidence that sensitive and confidential information is safe and that you are doing everything you can to ensure that your business is as successful as possible. Track critical information about sales, performance, and stock. All manner of reports are stored and archived on your back office system so that you may easily identify historical trends and performance.

Adopting Back office software also makes you more independent and reduces many of your running costs. Stock-takes can be done in house either removing or reducing the need for stock takers and auditors. Also book keepers and accountants bills can be reduced because all of the information that they need will be in the back office and available at the press of a button.

Full training on back-office software

Full training on back-office software

North West Business Machines provide training courses on all aspects for business efficiency held by people who have worked in your industry. They can teach you how to get the greatest potential from your business.

All of this combined could add up to as much as a 10% increase on your bottom line and we expect that by introducing a back office system operators will get a return on investment in less than 6 months.

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