Education EPoS System

Keep lunch queues down with an EPoS system, specifically designed for school, college & university cafeterias.

The First Choice for Education EPoS Systems


Our easy-to-use EPoS systems are fast and reliable, reducing the amount of time your students will spend queueing. We can create a 100% cashless environment or a mix of cashless, cash and card. Students can use their existing college ID cards to pay ensuring that no-one is singled out. Multiple bursaries can be controlled using the same ID card and different allowances can be granted at varying times of the day or week. Basically everything you will ever need for a fair, efficient, low cost cashless system.

EPoS Systems with the Latest Features

Fast and efficient service with an EPoS system.

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    Processing the order and taking payment is easy with our cashless EPoS system, which gives you the option to take payment using bursary allowance, cash, card or mixed.

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    Manage all student funds , regardless of income source in one single student ID and decide how this money is allocated by hour/day/week/term.

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    Give students more time to enjoy their meal breaks by allowing them to order and pay, then just collect on an app which is fully integrated with the EPoS system. This has the added benefit of also helping to shorten your queues.

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    Remove all stigmas and ensure all students are treated the same way at the EPoS by configuring the cashless system to manage all of the students individual funds. The system has unlimited capacity for various allowances and all can the spent at the EPoS "till" simply by presenting their student card.

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    Student funds can be easily topped up at any time from anywhere up using our on-line top-up portal.

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    Real-time on-line accounts keep track of credit top-ups and ordering history ensuring that any necessary scrutiny of an account can be easily completed by colleagues or parents. Plus discreetly monitor student welfare by identifying times where a student may not be taking a meal allowance highlighting a potential safeguarding issue.

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    Full back office reporting suite will make essential data collection much easier for the catering / finance teams. Full breakdown of cash, card, bursary, voucher and any other fund by day/week/month/term. Complete sales analysis of product and full stock control, including re-ordering assistance.

Elevate Customer Service with an EPoS Till System


What's included

15” Robust touch screen EPoS system

Thermal receipt printer

Heavy duty cash drawer

EPoS software – configurable for any environment

Cloud back office with unlimited users

Detailed configuration from NWBM support team

Delivery, installation & commissioning by NWBM support team

On site face to face handover

Remote Service Pack – which includes unlimited training, free software updates & remote support 7 days a week

The EPoS System

Flexible pricing options

  • Monthly cost of £30*

    With upfront cost of £750*

  • Monthly cost of £40*

    With upfront cost of £500*

  • Monthly cost of £50*

    With upfront cost of £250*

  • Plus the cost of our cashless module

    priced individually to match your requirements.

*Plus VAT

Increase Efficiency and Streamline Service

Our Educational EPoS systems put you in total control no matter how many students / bursary types you need to facilitate.

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    Relax we can tailor our solution to your precise needs ensuring minimal disruption. We can interface with your on-site registration solution, we can import your existing student data, we can utilise existing student ID cards. Plus we are local to you so any future requirements can be dealt with swiftly.

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    Speed up transaction times with quick contactless payments, perfect for those customers in a rush.

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    One of our expert team will provide full training to your staff on handover, so they know how to use it. That covers everything from taking payment to changing prices.

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    Our EPoS systems make stock management easy. See exactly how much you have of each item, so you know when you need to reorder certain food and drinks.

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    You are joining a network of very satisfied educational establishments that have already joined our revolution. Cashless solutions do not need to be expensive or complicated and we are here to prove that. We have an efficient cost effective solution regardless of whether you need 2 terminals or 200 terminals.

Service That’s Second to None


We understand the importance of customer service; that’s why we’re so good at it! We’ll deliver and install your Educational EPoS system, with a full face-to-face handover on the day. We’ll make sure you’re confident using the new system, and we’re only a phone call away if there are any problems.

Go - live as soon as your epos is delivered

Excellent industry knowledge

Seven day support

Expert in-house engineers

Remote & on-site servicing

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