Retail EPoS Systems

Our EPoS systems for retail are fast, accurate and reliable, so you can serve customers quickly and efficiently.

Top Quality EPoS Systems for Retail


Our modern EPoS retail systems make serving customers quick and easy, with fast and accurate scanning technology to prevent long queues at checkout. There are also a great range of customer-focused features, including loyalty cards, personalised discounts and special promotions. Our voucher module makes gifting easy and allows clients to part pay or spend in full any real-time voucher balance they have.

Easy to Use EPoS Systems

It’s easy to update prices, create sales and promotions on an EPoS system, so you have full control over the daily running of your business.

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    Fast and accurate scanning of barcodes to keep queues flowing at the checkout. Systems can also include an integrated scale for products sold by weight.

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    Keep queues down to a minimum by taking full payment with a single button press.

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    Create unlimited deals using product combinations, prioritise which order promotions should trigger and use on-screen pop-up windows to give clients and crew advice on which promotions are in the basket.

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    Integrate customer loyalty schemes into your EPoS system and automate discounts and rewards for applicable customers.

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    You have complete control over product prices and can update them easily instore. That includes sales, discounts and deals.

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    We can set up automated reports to help you make informed decisions about your business, from checking stock levels to showing best sellers.

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    Keep clients informed as they wait to pay by showing them, offers, upcoming events and promotions.

Elevate Customer Service with an EPoS Till System

Customer service and satisfaction is critical to any business’ success. Make it easy to buy from you with a quick and efficient checkout using an EPoS system.


What's Included

15” Robust touch screen EPoS system

Thermal receipt printer

Heavy duty cash drawer

EPoS software – configurable for any environment

Cloud back office with unlimited users

Detailed configuration from NWBM support team

Delivery, installation & commissioning by NWBM support team On site face to face handover

Remote Service Pack – which includes unlimited training, free software updates & remote support 7 days a week

The EPoS System

Flexible Payment Options

  • Monthly cost of £30*

    With upfront cost of £750*

  • Monthly cost of £40*

    With upfront cost of £500*

  • Monthly cost of £50*

    With upfront cost of £250*

*Plus VAT

Increase Efficiency and Streamline Inventory

Our EPoS systems have flexible ordering options, freeing up staff for other tasks.

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    Speed up transaction times with quick contactless payments, perfect for those customers in a rush.

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    Keep track of restocking efforts with barcoded products and shelf edge labelling, so you know exactly what you’ve got out in your store.

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    Sell loose weighed items accurately and quickly with an integrtaed scale, simply select the item on the screen and let the epos system do the rest.

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    An EPoS system makes stock control easy, with a stock alerts feature that helps you know when you need to order more items.

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    Gain insight into what’s selling well, which items have the highest profit margin and when you make the most sales. Use this knowledge to inform business strategy going forward.

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    If you sell a range of items that are sold by the weight a labelling scale allows clients to select precisely how much they want, then simply scan the label for these goods at the checkout to a fast accurate no fuss solution.

Service That’s Second to None

We understand the importance of customer service; that’s why we’re so good at it! We’ll deliver and install your retail EPoS system, with a full face-to-face handover on the day. We’ll make sure you’re confident using the new system, and we’re only a phone call away if there are any problems.


Go - live as soon as your epos is delivered

Excellent industry knowledge

Seven day support

Expert in-house engineers

Remote & on-site servicing

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