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What is an EPOS system?

What is included in an EPoS System from NWBM?

What are the advantages of EPoS for the hospitality industry?

What are the advantages of NWBM’s bespoke cashless catering solutions for the education sector?

What are the main advantages of a retail EPoS system?

My business needs additional items as well as an EPoS system can you help?

Can NWBM provide other services for my business?

Installation, training and support

Will staff members receive training?

Will I have training and does it cost extra?

How is my training delivered?

How is the system delivered and installed?

Will there be a chance to 'view' my system before it arrives at my business premises?

What is the lead time for an EPoS System?

Who will program my EPoS system?

What sort of after sales service do you provide?

Is there a compulsory support charge?

What level of support can I expect with my EPoS system?

Does NWBM provide support at the weekends?

Does NWBM deliver support on bank holidays?

Does NWBM deliver support over Christmas and New Year?


Do I need to pay up front for the whole system?

Do you offer monthly payment terms?


Can retail EPoS systems integrate with weighing scales and chip & pin?

How can I arrange an EPoS demo?

What if I already have an EPoS system with a different company, will this be OK?

Can EPoS be linked to Chip and Pin?