Around the clock support

The kind of support that you have always wanted.

Proud to be different

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Our outstanding support is what sets us apart. We will guide you through the whole process, from help in choosing the features of your EPoS system, to configuration, installation and training right through to life long support.

We have 50+ years of experience in the EPoS industry and remain busy simply because we look after our customers ensuring that they stick around and happily recommend us!

Proactive support - not just for when you are in a pickle

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Our EPoS systems are robust and reliable so most calls to our support desk are advisory not fault resolution. We develop close relationships with our clients and are the first port of call when they need advice. We offer lots of valuable services that are all included in the monthly subscription. Our extensive knowledge of your industry makes us useful as a sounding board.

System upgrades

Price changes

Fraud prevention

Expert advice

Menu Alterations

Operator Training

Trouble shooting

Site surveys

Prevent costly downtime

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Our expert in-house engineers can advise you on sound practice to keep your EPoS system in top condition, protecting your sales and profit. Adopting our good practices can help extend the life of your system, in turn increasing your value for money.

We can also organise for onsite equipment servicing at a planned time to avoid any unexpected breakdowns that can disrupt service, impact profits and cause customer frustration.

We never take your business for granted


We never leave you holding the line whilst we process other calls

We will never pass you around the support team

We will never ask you to share a training session with other businesses

We never leave you to sort out your own problem

We never point you to our support library or community

Areas we cover


We recommend that you should always buy from a local supplier so that a prompt and helpful service will always be available to you. When you choose NWBM, you can be assured of first class service.

Site surveys

On site installation

On site face to face training

On site equipment repairs

On site face to face demos

Do you cover my area?

Are you getting bad support from your existing supplier?

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If you like the sound of our support services but have an EPoS system from another supplier, then give us a call. Sometimes, we can adopt some or all of your existing EPoS system. This will upgrade your experience without emptying your pockets.