11 Jan 2023

Easily Switch to Take-Away Ordering With Our New EPOS System

Easily Switch to Take-Away Ordering With Our New EPOS System

We have developed an EPOS system that has a fully integrated web ordering module that allows you to seamlessly switch between takeaway and dine-in service!


In or Out of Lockdown, you only need one system

This year has been challenging for the hospitality industry, to say the least. Having to swap between a system that is compatible for takeaways and one for restaurant service with every change in covid restrictions is a stress you can do without. 

Our new EPOS system can be used for takeaway ordering when restrictions are tight, but also tableside ordering when customers can dine in. Having one fully integrated system to run your business means you can keep profits flowing during this challenging time, whatever the restrictions may be.


Survive or Thrive

End to End Integration

Straight from your clients’ smartphone app to your printer in a couple of seconds, it’s super easy for you and your customers, whether they are at home ordering their takeaway or in your restaurant selecting from your delicious menus!


Maximum Benefits Minimum Hassle

The integrated system comes with a long list of benefits, making work 

  • Having one simple ordering app for your customer means that they will already be comfortable using it and therefore more likely to keep on using it even if the situation changes.
  • Using one single system means that you can seamlessly switch from restaurant to takeaway in a matter of second any time.
  • Having your own app means that your customers are not ordering on a shared platform where they can be introduced to your competition.
  • Having your own app removes third parties, meaning that you can keep all of the profits that you work so hard for.
  • Using one system reduces the amount of staff training that is required which in turn will reduce costly mistakes.
  • Having one single system means that you only have one company to deal with.


Want to Know More?

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