11 Jan 2023

Feature Rich Cashless Catering Systems

Feature Rich Cashless Catering System

North West Business Machines can supply the very latest cost-effective cashless catering systems to help schools, colleges and other businesses with a catering function that requires cashless payments.

Our cashless catering systems enables you to serve customers in a much more efficient manner, meaning that queuing times are dramatically reduced and therefore customer satisfaction is far higher than would normally be the case with more traditional cash tills.

What makes cashless catering systems so appealing is the fact that you can store an unlimited amount of customer information on them, meaning that every single one of your users can be quickly accessed on the database with the minimum of fuss. An additional benefit of our cashless catering systems is that all the information housed is secure and anonymous, meaning that those on free school meals don’t feel stigmatised as a result of any information being made public.

Example till system

In order to make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible, our feature rich cashless catering systems come with an advanced reporting function, meaning that all the important information, such as point of sale transactions; customer card status reports, average spend, cash loader/cash declaration and a daily free entitlement planner can all be accessed at lightening speeds if necessary.

With a flexible range of payment collection methods, cashless catering systems from North West Business Machines allow any catering establishment that employs cashless payments to do so quickly, efficiently and more accurately than ever before. With many years experience in our locker we specialise in helping businesses operate in a more productive manner and our cashless catering system will help you do just that, putting an end to the lengthy and laborious processes that used to be the norm at meal times.

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