Irresistible EPoS from North West Business Machines

Introducing the Innovative Sango from Aures

Let us introduce you to the brand new, original, innovative and irresistible Sango till management system – now available at North West Business Machines!

The award winning Sango combines high quality materials, cast aluminum and polycarbonate to create a beautiful and contemporary terminal, totally in line with current design trends and with plenty of free space under the screen – ideal for checkout points that require more room on the desk.

Designed and developed by Aures, Sango is a completely new and original concept.  Fully compatible with all North West Business Machines software. the flat, fully tilting, multi touch LED-technology touch screen with edgeless, capacitive projected technology will really capture yours, and your customer’s imaginations.

Other key advantages of the stunning Sango till system include:

  • Compact, minimal design
  • Free space under the screen
  • Several choice of motherboards and processors
  • High speed performance
  • Superior 15” quality display
  • Rigid and stable metal base
  • Ergonomic screen
  • Graphic customer display
  • Available in 7 colours
  • Fanless EPoS

To celebrate the release of one of the sexiest EPoS Systems to grace the planet we’re offering some fantastic special offers:

Exclusive Offer, Buy More, Save More

To learn more about the stunning new Sango or to take advantage of our irresistible offer then call a member of our team today on 01254 881177.