11 Jan 2023

Need support for your Uniwell EPoS System? NWBM has it covered!

Established in 1984 as the subsidiary of Uniwell Corporation Japan, Uniwell specialised in the design, development and distribution of Uniwell EPoS systems for the hospitality, catering and retail markets.

However, following the announcement that Uniwell Systems UK had been placed into administration, many traders were left wondering who would be able to support and maintain their existing Uniwell EPoS Systems.

Here at North West Business Machines we have a wealth of experience installing and supporting Uniwell EPoS Systems, in fact, when Uniwell first began operating in the UK, North West Business Machines were their first established UK dealer.

Such was the popularity of the Uniwell brand, that a new buyer came in, after only a few weeks of Uniwell having gone into administration. Having installed and supported Uniwell EPoS Systems for over 20 years, North West Business Machines have built up an impressive portfolio – supplying, installing and supporting just about every Uniwell product.

Not only this, here at North West Business Machines we have proudly installed many Uniwell systems for high profile, multi-site customers including GMP, Funny Girls, Odd Bar and Bolton College – further cementing our reputation as experts in the field.

Models we can support:

  • Uniwell ECR’s
  • Uniwell NX 5400
  • Uniwell LX 5600
  • Uniwell SX 705/705
  • Uniwell SX 7500/7505
  • Uniwell SX 800/805
  • Uniwell SX 8500/8505
  • Uniwell Touchscreens
  • Uniwell TX 850
  • Uniwell TX 870
  • Uniwell TX 875
  • Uniwell DX 890
  • Uniwell DX 895
  • Uniwell DX 915
  • Uniwell Printers
  • Uniwell TP 422
  • Uniwell TP 522
  • Uniwell TP 822
  • Uniwell TP 832
  • Uniwell TP 922
  • Uniwell TP 932

NWBM are more than able to continue to support and assist any business with Uniwell hardware that requires help either with programming or repairs. For more information, or a quote please contact us on 01254 881177.