11 Jan 2023

State of the art EPoS Solution for Gourmet Coffee Bar

Gourmet Coffee Bar and Kitchen

Gourmet Coffee Bar and Kitchen are an independent chain of coffee shops providing fresh seasonal food, handmade barista served coffees & delicious treats at train stations around the UK.

How we helped Gourmet Coffee Bar and Kitchen

Providing support across 15 coffee shopsGourmet Coffee Bar and Kitchen have 22 sites nationwide, they needed a solution which as well as handling day to day transactions, could also cater for their stock control needs and head office reporting.

We supplied them with touchscreen terminal printers and cash drawers, and their Head Office also has full stock control and head office software. We began working with them in 2016, and have gone on to provide equipment and support across 15 of their coffee shops.

“NWBM’s experience and knowledge quickly became apparent they were prepared for all eventualities. Gourmet felt confident in the transition from our old to new Epos system because of this. The customer service is excellent and their help desk is very responsive. NWBM were able to get under the skin of our business model and see how the Premier Epos Package worked best for us, they have helped us implement the new system very smoothly.”