11 Jan 2023

The importance of an EPoS System support contract

The importance of an EPoS system support contract

For any business owner, whether in retail, leisure or hospitality, your EPoS equipment is one of the most important assets you can own.

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With the ability to make customer service faster, manage profitable business finances and even to help with stock control, EPOS systems help businesses become more efficient and respond better to customer needs.

However, EPOS systems are not always simple or straightforward pieces of equipment.

Made up from hardware terminals, processing software and networking infrastructures, most customers require technical assistance in setting up, configuring and maintaining EPOS products and solutions.


What if something goes wrong with my EPoS System?

Our Customers need to know that in the event of a problem, NWBM’s support is on hand, and it will be resolved quickly. Purchasing an EPoS system is a major investment. EPoS systems are critical business tools, a system failure can prevent your business from processing sales, and hence effectively from trading. So a support contract extends assistance for the EPoS user for the life of the system.

Fast response times to any queries

For us a support contracts represents the recognition of the value our EPOS systems has to our customers, and that our quality customer service does not end the moment the sale is finalised and the system is installed.

For our customers, a support contract provides peace of mind and trust in the product for the duration of its operational life and all for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

That is why a support contracts makes good sense.

Here are the main benefits our support contracts offer to our EPOS customers:

  • Fast response times to any queries you may have.
  • Prevention of unnecessary EPoS downtimes.
  • Ongoing customer service and help desk support.
  • Expert advice via telephone or remote dial in.
  • Onsite attendance if required
  • Updating of software
  • No surprise costs

For more information and peace of mind knowing you have around the clock support for your EPoS System, call our team of expert, in house engineers today on 01254 881177 or email epos@nwbm.co.uk