11 Jan 2023

Trends versus Reliability: What Should You Choose?

Trends versus Reliability: What Should You Choose?

With all the new EPoS solutions now springing up is it better to keep up with the new innovations or stick to the tried and tested systems? Cloud technology and the introduction of i-pads and tablets as “tills” may be seen as the future but how reliable are they?

Reliability… the key to smoother business operations?

Wifi DropsA static till point while not as trend setting or sexy may be the better bet for any business that’s interested in giving customers a great experience and for you as a business the best way of controlling sales and takings. Wireless devices can lead to missed orders, longer waiting times and a far from smooth service. Imagine you are using a wireless kitchen printer and your Wi-Fi drops what happens to all the orders being sent from your restaurant. Or you are waiting to take payment and your connection drops customers then have to wait to pay or even worse decide not to and you lose the sale completely.

Reliable coverage is the key to smooth business operation. No matter how great your premises looks one of the things that can’t always be relied upon is mobile signal, patchy in some areas and non-existent in others and while Wi-Fi may be an option its never a guarantee especially if you have several devices trying to connect at once.

If It's not broke why fix it! Perhaps the shrewdest amongst us won’t change for changes sake. Despite the lure of the latest trends and wireless technologies sticking to the most reliable options – static, hard-wired tills remains the better option. Good customer experience is now more important than ever and being a digital drop out is never good for business, as the old saying goes “if it’s not broken why try to fix it”.

Here at North West Business Machines we only provide solutions that work both on and off line so if the Wi-Fi is disrupted your system from us won’t be. If you have any questions or want more advice before making your EPoS decision please call us 01254 888125 or email epos@nwbm.co.uk