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The team here at NWBM have over 45 years of experience in the EPoS system industry.

We are the most knowledgable when it comes to providing your business with the system you need. Staff at NWBM have the experience in several business environments and will always implement our knowledge into your strategy.

  • The company established as D-Day approached
    The company established as D-Day approached
    As the UK faced the start of decimalisation - aka D-Day - NWBM was founded by Peter Hutchins.He was joined by Stewart Mahon and Eddie Arrowsmith and they grew the business together. The trio were based in Mincing Lane, Blackburn and served local businesses with top-of-the range tills.
  • The introduction of VAT
    The introduction of VAT
    VAT was introduced to UK and our EPoS systems helped customers apply the correct VAT amount to goods sold it made NWBM customers lives easier as our tills worked it all out automatically for themOn 1 January 1973 VAT came into force introduced by Lord Barber, the chancellor under Sir Edward Heath, and started off as a simple 10 per cent tax on nearly all goods bought from a business.
  • Business Expands and moves premises
    Business Expands and moves premises
    As the first commercial Concorde flights took off electronic tills came onto the UK market. During the mid 70s as business flourished, the company moved to Great Harwood. A whopping £1,000 was the annual rate at the time for NWBM to rent the premises in Curate Street.
  • Water Experiment on one of our tills
    Water Experiment on one of our tills
    To prove that our tills were durable and waterproof, boss Eddie Arrowsmith poured a glass of water over one. The experiment went well and businesses loved it and went on to buy the robust tills. At this time the average house cost £13,650, and inflation was 17%.
  • Brian Alston joins the company on a YTS
    Brian Alston joins the company on a YTS scheme as Little and Large give NWBM thumbs-up!
    Young and fresh-faced Brian was the latest addition to NWBM. Brian took on an engineer’s role and he is still with the business today.At this time preset machines started to become more popular, mainly due to hospitality systems and back office systems becoming the trend.Little and Large turned up to the opening of a Blackburn shop - giving our EPoS systems the thumbs up.
  • NWBM welcomes Wayne Gudgeon
    NWBM welcomes Wayne Gudgeon
    New employee Wayne joined the company as an engineer - straight from college. He is now Service Manager. The year started with the first ever British mobile phone call being made! During this year Peter Hutchins was headhunted by Japanese company, Uniwell, leaving Eddie and Stewart to buy the business.
  • Kate Casbourne joins NWBM
    Kate Casbourne joins NWBM
    As the business grew and John Major remained Prime Minister, Kate was taken on as Admin Clerk to meet the demands from orders across Lancashire and beyond. EPoS technology was becoming advanced and NWBM strived to meet the demands.
  • Lauren Martin joins NWBM
    Lauren Martin joins NWBM
    Lauren joined the company as an office Junior and is still with the company today as a programmer. She moved into the programming and after sales support role as she became more knowledgeable about EPoS.
  • The Millennium Bug panic
    The Millennium Bug panic and Anthony Hanson Mahon joins
    Anthony joined the company after 15 years in the hospitality industry and brought his expertise to NWBM. The Millennium Bug was causing panic and businesses were given instructions on how to change and re-code their tills. NWBM worked to produce booklets and instruction leaflets to help reduce the panic.
  • Paula Hanson Mahon joins NWBM
    Paula Hanson Mahon joins NWBM and Preston became a city
    Paula joined the company when Preston was made a city and the Euro entered circulation. She joined as office admin and now works in sales.
  • Wedding Bells at NWBM
    Wedding Bells at NWBM
    Lauren became Mrs Wayne Gudgeon as the romance blossomed in the NWBM office.
  • Anthony becomes MD
    Anthony becomes MD
    NWBM appointed Anthony as Managing Director and later that year the company bought the premises in Great Harwood. The building was bought off the Co-operative and still serves the company well. As the company approached 2006, computer based touchscreen terminals take off.
  • Training room and facilities were added to the offices
    Training room and facilities were added to the offices as London hosted the Olympics
    As EPoS technology continued to grow NWBM expanded their services and developed a training suite. The new facilities meant NWBM would offer even greater customer support. Enabling group training sessions and bespoke system set up before delivery to clients.
  • Ben Easton joined NWBM as an apprentice
    Ben Easton joined NWBM as an apprentice
    Ben came from Blackburn College as an apprentice. NWBM wanted to support engineering in the local area and he is now a full time, qualified service engineer.
  •  Apple Pay and contactless payments are introduced
    Apple Pay and contactless payments are introduced
    With just a wave of a phone or cash card shoppers can pay a different way. NWBM provide these services.
  • NWBM celebrates it’s 45th birthday
    NWBM celebrates it’s 45th birthday

  • Lee Wynne joins NWBM
    Office Dog starts at NWBM

    Meet Mabel our new member of staff. Skills include cleaning up any leftover sandwiches and keeping feet warm under the desks. Loves walks whatever the weather, biscuits and a good brew.

  • Meet Jack our new member of staff
    Jack Thompson joins NWBM

    Jack Thompson joins the team as EPoS Support and Sales Consultant.

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