11 Jan 2023

How to Retain Customers Using Loyalty Software

Retaining and building customer loyalty is extremely important for any business to flourish in today’s day and age, but it isn’t always easy!

ShoppersMost companies will go to extreme lengths to obtain new customers, whilst completely forgetting about the ones they already have! And with recent studies suggesting the cost to retain a customer is around 10% of the cost of acquiring a new one it makes complete sense to invest more time, money and effort into keeping your existing customers happy.

The easiest and, arguably, most effective way of drawing customers back to your store is utilizing customer loyalty software. Specifically tailored to suit the demands of your business, loyalty software allows you to improve your profitability and obtain an advantage over your rivals.

Reward Loyalty

When you use loyalty software you’ll be able to reward your customers for coming back to your business time and time again. Using a loyalty card or app you’ll be able to give your customers points after every purchase, which they could use to redeem discounts, free items, vouchers or other incentives to return to your business and encourage additional spending.

Know What Your Customers like

Customer insightsUsing the latest data technology, loyalty software can highlight spending patterns that can be used to develop targeted marketing programmes. Sending tailored email and SMS campaigns promoting discounts or special offers regarding the products you know your customers love, you’ll see an instant increase in their spending.

Keep in Touch

Loyalty software also highlights customers who haven’t purchased items from your store in recent weeks. And, using a similar process to your regular customers, you can send targeted email and SMS campaigns, offering them discounts or perks encouraging customers to return to your store.

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