11 Jan 2023

Improve your Customer Experience with Integrated Chip and Pin

Chip and Pin integration is one of the fastest, simplest ways for your business to increase both your efficiency and profitability. An integrated Chip and Pin system is also a great way to improve your customers’ shopping experience.

What are the benefits of an integrated chip and pin system?

The list of advantages goes on: EPoS integration with Chip and Pin will cut down queues, enable contactless payments and completely remove the potential for costly mistakes and misuse. North West Business Machines gives you these advantages on all our Chip and Pin solutions and we’ll also give your company a tailored solution that is scaled to grow with your business and allows you to adapt to the market as and when it changes.

Improve efficiency

Our systems will give you immediate benefits in efficiency. For one thing, EPoS integration with Chip and Pin takes away the need for a fixed phone line connection for your card readers – and cuts out the potential for under ringing altogether. Together with the elimination of the costly mistakes associated with manual transaction entry, this gives you a great opportunity to use your point of sale in more productive ways – you can use this space for promotions and additional sales opportunities while our technology is at work.

Woman stood at the tillImprove customer experience

Customers will notice the benefits, too. For one thing, EPoS integration with Chip and Pin means less queues and less of the sort of build-ups that quickly frustrate customers. Then there is the benefit of contactless payments. Contactless payments work especially well in sectors where the average spend is below £10 and the increase in user satisfaction is noticeable. Whether this is because it is a new technology, or simply because contactless payments are an incredibly easy way to take payments, contactless payment is a technology that will put you at the cutting edge of your industry.

Improve employees experience

The increase in simplicity and efficiency associated with integrated chip and pin will improve your employees’ work experience as well as that of your customers. The system is more reliable and cuts out some of the stress-causing problems of older technologies, which frees up your employees to deliver better customer relations and also helps to keep on top of sudden surges in footfall. All this feeds back into the smooth running of your business – with reduced waiting times, less room for error and more space for upselling or extra marketing, you can expect your profitability to improve.

Our systems also have a reduced margin of error and simplify sales – our machines generate customer receipts using the POS printer, reducing the need for different types of roll. This will help you to keep your information secure and keeps the customer experience is as smooth and profitable as possible.

North West Business Machines offer cutting edge systems and a high level of service that’s responsive to your business needs. We’ll work with you to make sure that you’ve got the right Epos system and when circumstances or the marketplace change, we’ll be able to update your system to help your business stay ahead. Call us today on 01254 881177 to learn more about the benefits of integrated chip and pin for your business

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