11 Jan 2023

10 Ways An EPoS System Could Benefit Your Pub

10 Ways an Epos System Could Benefit your Pub

EPoS systems are becoming ever more popular across the hospitality and retail industries, but what could one do for your pub?


increase profits1. Increased Profitability

Installing an EPoS system will increase your profits. With faster transactions, happier customers, better security, and less room for error, you’ll watch your profits soar.

2. Faster Sales

EPoS systems drastically increase the speed of transactions. This means that on busy promotional nights and packed out weekends you can serve people their drinks faster than ever before, resulting in more sales, happier customers and increased profits.

Happier Employees3. Happier Employees

An EPoS system could also dramatically increase the happiness of your staff. One of the main goals of an EPoS system is to make their job easier, which can only make them more motivated and happy at work.

4. Promotional Features

Your EPoS system will make setting and applying discounts easier than ever before. This means you can run drinks promotions, happy hours, and food offers easily, without the usual room for error associated with older tills.

Reliability5. Reliability

Traditional tills are known to malfunction, and the last thing you need on a busy Saturday is for your till to freeze up. In contrast to older tills, EPoS systems are notoriously reliable. In addition, with our tailored support services we can help solve your problems as quickly as they occur, and get you back selling those pints in no time!

6. Drink monitoring

Pub and bar EPoS systems also include innovative drink dispenser monitoring software. This system ensures that amount of alcohol dispensed from a keg coincides with amount of sales taken on that till, which means you can cut out waste and make sure your tills are holding the right amount of cash.

Better Marketing7. Better Marketing

With EPoS systems you can also take customer information and use it for marketing purposes. This could also feed into your promotional nights, for example, ‘give us your email address for a free drink’. You can then set up a mailing with further drinks promotions to keep the customers coming back, and stimulate business on quieter nights.

8. Customer Loyalty Cards

With the faster service, enticing promotions, and happier staff provided by an EPoS system, you will see your customers keep coming back. You can capitalise on this by introducing customer loyalty cards, where they can gain points to save money on future purchases. This is also something your new EPoS system could facilitate for you with ease.

Reduce Waste9. Reduce Waste

Using an EPoS system means you can monitor your stock levels more accurately than ever before, and so reduce waste across all areas of your pub. You will be able to see exactly how much of each drink you will need to order, based on the sales for the previous few nights. You can also use this information to predict how much of each drink you will sell, so you can order before you run out of stock.

10. Save Time And Money

Installing an EPoS system in your pub will save you time and money in the long run. By working to reduce waste, protect profit and stock, and improve customer loyalty, an EPoS system could be just what your pub needs.

For more information on buying an EPoS system for your pub or for further information then feel free to get in touch with our team of experts here at NWBM. Call us today on 01254 881177.

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