11 Jan 2023

Five clever tactics all successful pubs use

Five Clever Tactics Used by Pubs

In recent years more and more pubs have called last orders and shut the doors for good as they fail to compete with the ridiculously cheap booze prices at supermarkets and the latest student craze of pre-drinking.

That said it’s not all doom and gloom for the pub industry, as pubs up and down the country continue to pull in the customers on a daily basis, but how do they do it?

Luckily we’ve some inside knowledge that all landlords NEED to hear, here are five clever tactics all successful pubs use…

Happy Hour

happy hour graphicI think it’s fair to say us Brits absolutely love Happy Hour, whether at home or abroad, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a pub and realising it’s happy hour!

Once a burden for landlords and bar staff, Happy Hour is now easy to implement thanks to robust EPoS Solutions specifically designed for pubs and bars. Helping to streamline operations an EPoS system can automatically trigger price levels for certain times of the day whilst also helping to keep a close eye on stock and speed up service.

2 for 1 offers

two for one offersWe all love a bargain, and like Happy Hour, 2 for 1 offers on drinks, shots and even meals is a fantastic way of getting punters in through the door! Whether you’re targeting students or families, you can’t beat getting 2 shots of Sambuca or 2 main meals for the price of one!

Similar to Happy Hour our EPoS Systems can be set up to run multiple offers that maximise customers spend with minimal staff input, so it’s a win win situation for you and your pub!

Back Screen Advertising

Busy barWhilst customers are waiting at the bar back screen advertising can be used effectively to promote enticing promotions to customers waiting to be served! It’s a great, cost effective way of promoting your special offers, events and anything else you want customers to know

And the great thing is it can be managed through your EPoS System, so wave goodbye to those annoying chalkboards and catapult your pub into the 21st century!


Paying for goodsIncrease Speed and Reduce Queuing Times

A speedy service is what your punters desire and an EPoS system can help tenfold.

Helping to reduce queuing times a tailored EPoS system allows more staff members to use limited terminals at the same time without confusion whilst Mix and Match promotions software helps reduce staff input and a flexible touch screen design makes the system easier and faster to use.

People working behind a barKeep Customers Updated With Special Offer Marketing

The most successful pubs target their customers at home too.

Utilising Special Offer Marketing Software to promote special events and deals a growing number of pubs are updating their customers with the latest offers via text and email! So even when the pub’s doors are shut, you can tell your customers what’s going on at the weekend and keep them updated with your latest deals!

For more information on how an EPoS system could prove beneficial to your pub feel free to give the North West Business Machines a call on 01254 881177 for assistance, we’ve an EPoS solution for pubs and clubs of all sizes.


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